At VA Fabrication BV, the leading and also one of the few manufacturers of truck roll cages, safety comes first. Our roll cages are specially designed to protect occupants participating in demanding events such as the DAKAR rally and the Morocco Desert Challenge.

Our success starts with the use of high-quality 25CrMo4 tubes, which are manufactured with great care. Thanks to CNC machines, these tubes are bent with precision, ensuring a seamless fit in the truck cabin. The high tensile strength of the material used, combined with thoughtful design, results in a safe product.

Certified T5 roll cages are a must for rally trucks. They are designed to protect the driver, navigator and mechanic in case of rollovers or crashes. As soon as we receive a report of a crash, we start inspecting the truck and roll cage as soon as possible to see if our product has done its job properly. By continuing to repeat this process, we gain a lot of experience and can continue to develop our roll cages. They have since been put to the test several times during heavy crashes in the dunes.

VA Fabrication BV is all about safety and success, which is why so many teams rely on our roll cages.