Side by sides

Require attention for safety

When you are looking for the right combination of adventure and safety for your side-by-side buggy, a custom-made roll cage from VA is the right investment. As the standard roll cages on buggies are not exactly known for their safety, it is more than wise to have a solid roll cage built. The roll cages factory-fitted on these buggies are made of low quality steel and are only suitable for the quiet rides. When tackling rough terrain at high speeds, a good roll cage is crucial. With more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality roll cages, we are a suitable party in this industry.

Our roll cages combine performance and safety, making them ideal for off-road adventures. They can be designed specifically to your unique requirements. We pay extra attention to visibility, headroom for the occupant, chassis rigidity and so on. The roll cages are manufactured with high-quality materials and go beyond industry standards for safety.

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Our roll cages are not only functional but also aesthetically impressive, with attention to every detail. In addition, we use advanced 3D scanning technology to ensure that our roll cages fit perfectly.

With a roll cage from VA Fabrication BV, you can face your adventures with confidence. Don’t wait, choose safety.