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Appropriate supplier for military roll cages

At VA Fabrication BV, your partner in the production of roll cages for military vehicles, everything revolves around safety and expertise. Since 2018, we have focused on producing roll cages in this industry and have become a suitable supplier for vehicle manufacturers in the defence world.

Our rich experience and in-depth practical knowledge make us the ideal partner for everything to do with military vehicles. Our practical engineers are often combined with our customer’s skilled engineers. The customer provides an idea with a design, on which we can build. This results in an iterative process in which we continue to test the design for practical manufacturability. This prevents constructions from becoming too complex, often resulting in unnecessary costs. We understand better than anyone the crucial role military roll cages play in the safety and effectiveness of defence personnel. That is why we continuously strive to improve and meet the highest safety standards.

Our roll cages are diligently designed and manufactured with the aim of protecting the occupants of military vehicles, even in the most demanding and hostile environments. They provide protection from rolling over and falling objects and strengthen the overall vehicle structure. This allows military vehicles to better handle rough terrain and extreme conditions, while ensuring occupant safety at all times.

Strict guidelines

Our roll cages meet the highest safety standards and are welded to the strict guidelines of ISO 15614-1:2017 & ISO 9606-1. Whether for missions at home or overseas operations, our roll cages provide not only protection but also peace of mind to those risking their lives in the service of the nation. At VA Fabrication BV, you can trust our expertise and commitment to safety, because your safety is our priority.

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crucial safety components in mining

Roller cages for mining trucks are crucial safety components used in the mining industry to protect the crew during the often challenging and risky operations. Made from durable and strong materials such as chrome molybdenum, these roll cages are custom designed to meet the specific needs and dimensions of mining trucks.

The roll cages serve as a protective structure around or inside the cab of the truck and are designed to absorb the impact of possible accidents, such as rollovers or collisions, and protect the occupants. Moreover, they contribute to the structural integrity of the truck, thereby increasing the life and safety of the vehicle.

The mining environment presents unique challenges, and roll cages for mining trucks are designed to meet these challenges. They must withstand severe shocks, vibrations and extreme conditions underground. This makes roll cages an essential part of safety standards and practices in the mining industry, where the protection of personnel is always paramount.