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About Va Fabrication bv:

VA Motorsport is a well-known name in the motorsport scene, with a history dating back to 1993. Based in Sint-Oedenrode, our company is known in the motorsport world for its versatile approach. We produce rollcages, but we also prepare race and rally cars in top shape during events. VA Motorsport has become a byword for dedication and craftsmanship within the motorsport community.

In 2021, we at VA Motorsport made a big change by establishing VA Fabrication BV, as the sister company of VA Engineering BV. This new company, located on Nijverheidsweg 1A in Sint-Oedenrode, focuses entirely on designing and manufacturing roll cages. Our team of dedicated professionals combine advanced technology with an unprecedented passion for safety.

And let’s talk about diversity. Today, VA Fabrication BV goes far beyond roll cages for racing and rally cars. We have extended our expertise to roll cages for (rally) trucks, mining vehicles, military vehicles and other specials. Our roll cages are not only safe and practical, but also pleasing to the eye. Every detail is considered with extreme care so that every driver, regardless of the type of vehicle or challenge, can rely on the highest level of protection.

But the diversity goes even beyond manufacturing roll cages. Making aluminium products such as fuel tanks, catchtanks, custom sump protection plates and tubular work such as air intakes is also part of our offering.

VA Fabrication BV represents the future of safety in the wider automotive industry, while VA Engineering BV continues to play its part in other facets of motorsport. Welcome to the next phase of safety and innovation in the automotive world –

Welcome to VA Fabrication BV.

our characteristics

quick lead times

Our well-thought-out production process enables us to achieve tight deadlines. A promise is a promise!


Our welders are not only KNAF certified, but also EN ISO 15614 qualified. Both for the MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes.

highest quality

With our high-tech equipment, qualified welders, and ambitious team, we always strive for the highest quality.

Pleasing to the eye

Our products are designed and manufactured with care. Besides effectiveness, good aesthetic appearance is also ensured.