Race- & rally cars

The partner in your security

With more than 30 years of experience in producing roll cages, VA Fabrication BV is the undisputed expert in the field of roll cages for racing and rally cars. We work exclusively with high-quality materials, such as chromium molybdenum (25CrMo4). Our roll cages meet the strictest safety standards and are also lightweight.

At VA Fabrication BV, we understand that every driver has unique requirements. We offer custom-made roll cages that meet the strictest safety standards and regulations. Whether you are looking for a single-piece roll cage for your personal race car, a complete series for a full racing cup, or even extremely lightly constructed roll cages that deviate from Homologation Regulations, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Specially calculated lightweight roll cages are designed by us and then calculated by a fellow company to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

All our roll cages can be built including certification by the Dutch ASN: the KNAF.

Our roll cages are not only functional but also aesthetically impressive, with attention to every detail. In addition, we use advanced 3D scanning technology to ensure that our roll cages fit perfectly.

Choose VA Fabrication BV and invest in the future of your racing career. Protect yourself, improve your performance and experience the top quality that sets us apart. It’s time to race with confidence and power. VA Fabrication BV – your ultimate partner in motorsport safety.